Sunday, 26 March 2017


A drop of water from high above the sky was born,falling on the huge lap of mother sea. It rippled himself asking Is this called water world? But My care taker cloud whispered me that my mother sea would prevent me from dangers and pollutions,but here it yucks my health. The drop skied towards the bank of water to watch out strong smelling sordid produced by superficial beings.
Slowly mother sea gave a salty touch to the drop saying - Dear baby drop let me splash you with my painful stories.

Water Water Water without us human cannot live inside his mother's womb

He breathes his first air with bubbles                        along with us

Germinates up to waste his first bubble air of waters by daily household chores.

Throws wastes,dumps plastics,burns dead body,fills up with industrial wastes,leaks oil.

My marine life animals stay under my coverage believing that I'll never harm them

Enough is enough no more bare with such species

Now you could figure out nature change where they face lots of problems in name of drought,famine,water borne diseases and more.

My only message to those people are never waste us, your birth and death is incomplete without us.

Even your body is filled up with our relations blood with high density of water without which you are humus to the soil.

Save us Respect us

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Theme Reveal #AtoZ Challenge

This is my first trekking towards the  #AtoZChallenge mountain of 26 feet. 
I m gonna post my 26 flags on the way towards my trekking journey. Those posts show you the newly coined words in English language recently from A to Z.

I'm sure whenever all my fellow trekkers passover my post,you enjoy and comment and share your views with me. 
This is my first time participation in AtoZ challenge of 2017,where I pile up all my skills and knowledge along with my friends and community of bloggers. This theme of new words of English A to Z made me go wild and fast build up my thinking capabilities to start over my trek. Just read all my posts from April 1st to know about the newly born words in English and have fun. At once when I have reached the destination I'm gonna shout out and feel proud of myself if my journey of trekking leads me successfully.

Come join with #AtoZ challenge trekking to reach the summit and enjoy the walk through all bloggers with all pleasure.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Everyone is assigned with the bed of comfort zone in their life to sleep under their passion. During the sleep one cannot predict or trust on, dreams to reach a destination. If I want to succeed with help of my comfort zone,I can win but never brings happiness in future. If I choose to explore and create something new to the world throwing out my comfort zone, I learn a lot in abundance,I could see,hear,feel,taste every bit of thrill and pain throughout the journey to reach my destination. Out of my comfort zone always boosts and encourages me to run,run unmindful of failures and

There is a problem in India every youngsters face after completing their Engineering courses. Unemployment plays a main role in our youth society where every student follows one another in a queue to jump on Engineering colleges. These mistakes are made by parents who push their children to Engineering,unmindful of their children's wishes and talents. Parents make mistakes by pulling their kids towards their comfort zone.

Comfort zone always grinds the same corn into flour, again and again we have to heat up ourselves to flame out our talents and skill, jumping out of our mirage of illusion the comfort zone.

Comfort is a fort were we stay cool in a same place without knowing the outside world. It always brings us fear,discourage,weakness not allowing us to reach our horizon. Just break down the zone and move independently  in search of your summit and shout out your name. Life is to taste all flavors don't waste by growing under shadow of comfort zone,bask under the sun to get vitamins to get a vital role to lead yourself to Bravery.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Live As What You Love


The word negative can't be found in my world of language that I speak to others.
My words and tongue just collects nectar from my taste buds to sprinkle honey to my fellow listeners.
You could find negativity at my electric board where it produces type of charges carried by electrons through which I get current from external circuit but never
from an internal circuits. No human can earn a good name with his good deeds,instead they call or brand him with his weaknesses and loss of his life. I never want to grow as gigantic as Goliath in name and fame but want to face all my life hurdles as leonine being good and giving away all my positive vibes towards people. Treatment must be a process, to relieve someone from defect but not to kill them with our power. Just give away kindness in tonnes to the people around you,if it doesn't return you anything no worries as karma's are boomerang with boons.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

5Quirky things I ensue

I'm happy to share my 5 Quirks that has enchanted me for years.

*I enclose myself with pillows during my sleep at night. Every pillow around me are pills that cares and hugs me to fall into a mezzo sleep 😴

*When pimples pins my face,I start my kitchen laboratory to discover some new natural reactions to test on it.

*I have a basophobia(falling in dreams) I fall,fly,jump over skyscrapers and suddenly I feel someone is pulling up my leg,immediately I wake up from my bed looking at the watch and back to normal dreams.

*My olfactory organ loves to smell camphors,paints,fuels,fresh and hot newspapers, books,question papers.
Sometimes I would control myself in public wearing invisible mask to my nose.

*I love to talk myself when no one is around me,it just dispatches my inner stress and reincarnates me into new avatar.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Festival which makes me exquisite

A festival is a traditional celebration where we get chance to meet our friends and families Festive mode always keeps our tummy to enjoy yummy foods. Our hands itches to receive gifts from friends and cashes from our elders. Ears longs to receive phone calls from friends and family from distant lands. Heart becomes warm from the blessings and togetherness with our family and friends.

Festival which brings me divine horripilation moment every year is PONGALA at Attukal Bhaghavathy Amman temple also known as Sabarimala of Women in thiruvananthapuram Kerala. This year it falls on 11 march where pooram star coincides with full moon. PONGALA is a ritualistic offer to the goddess Bhaghavathy by boiling rice porridge,brown molasses, coconut gratings,nuts and raisin a sweet dish.
Every year lakhs of women participate to prepare PONGALA believing that goddess would fulfill their wishes and shower happiness to their families. This festival has got Guinness world record
for the participation of 1.5million women's. The day before PONGALA every women allots their place on road sides to prepare those rituals for the goddess. Line of women's lead to miles. Unmindful of hot sun they dedicate themselves to the goddess. At once when the priest fires up to prepare PONGALA at temple then everyone starts lit their brick stove to prepare the sweet PONGALA for goddess. At once when they completed they rush towards goddess to get blessings with their offerings. The festive season goes on for nine to ten days with various events. Women from all over the world comes here to watch out the purity and divinity the festival pours on lakhs of women for their trust and unity. This festival always stand unique and soulful to the world.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Three things that I will burn

Negativity is the cause of ignition and it is the combustible material of evil present within and around me. This weekend let me burn down those villains of my life with flammable atmospheric oxygen. When I burn down one negative automatically all
negatives gets flamed down as rapid as a wild fire.

Three things that I will burn this weekend are :

    Having a tendency to cling to the things I love most, unmindful of it's worst outcomes sometimes drags me to the feel of hell. Let my pole get wet to drain away my stubbornness into the fire so that I could raise my pliable flag to flutter high in my air.

      I engage being belligerent with my younger brother as the Clash of Titans. We both always argue for tiny and useless things which ends up with bore mass attacks(such as strength, bite force etc.)that lasts for minutes. This weekend with my backbone of willpower I'm gonna burn down my belligerent into ashes of holi colours to play with my loveable brother.

         I'm a pusillanimous to stay alone at home and step into darkness. I totally behave like a sloth who spends it's time hanging upside down from branches to eat,sleep,work in fear of predators at ground. This weekend I push my pusillanimous on fire and reference myself to become a sloth to a sloth Bear.
I growl at owls at dark🐻

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Wishing everyone a Happy Holi πŸ”₯πŸŽ†