Life is a box of

My life is a box of firecrackers. I have got assortment of emotions through which I sparkle along with my dark shadow. I run and swirl as ground spinners all day until I'm knackered. I love to spread happiness as smoke bombs. I exert the strength higher and higher as a flower pots. My sorrows, snags are tied along with bottled rockets to pierce the dark sky with a sharp implement. My friends and family are encircled as 1000 wala garland to fulfill my box with extra flamboyants.

Each person who enters my life, gets a box. Some have their own ,
But most have to share. The people that touch my heart for just a moment,those people that change my life, the ones that are my true friends, have got a special bombardment to open those boxes. I love the boxes I have,I cherish each one.

I'll love them until my day of death.
On that day,
I'll revel in the memories as I watch them burn,
While I float up to heaven.

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My Way Of Being Healthy

I Inhale those fresh aroma of crispy dosas and fluffy idlis made of home batter. Preparing a batter at home is a good and perfect exercise. Personally, I believe it energizes my math power of  measuring correct ratios of  urad dals, rice ,salt and fenugreek to soak for hours to get absolute crunch and fluffiness. Also,I prefer cleaning and lifting stone works of wet grinders. 

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

PYOJ ( Prepare your own Juices)Fresh and Delicious orange juice that hits my taste buds to bloom. I never buy tetra pack fruit juices or canned drinks to refresh my body. I activate myself,when I come to health issue and that's why I prepare orange juice with help of manual citrus squeezers instead of mixers or blenders. Best bicep workout for all health monsters.

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

Monosodium Glutamate are ultimate soulmates for street foods and restaurants to enhance the flavors. Even some home kitchens has got MSG in their stores. To enhance flavors I add herbs and tomatoes in my food. Avoiding street and restaurant foods adds extra sunshine ray into your life. 

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

Ginger Garlic paste is very important  in our recipes. I never buy a packed chemical preserved Ginger garlic paste. Take some ginger knobs, garlic pods add some salt grind well yes, you get a puree. Store it in a air tight container in the refrigerator. Simple. I love having paste ready on  hand to finish my cuisines. 

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

I intake fenugreek powder weekly thrice to avoid menstrual  cramps . It's magical seeds that vanishes severity in pain. Easy and safe for health.Avoid intake of  painkillers or pills. 

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

Adding  spoonful of jeera or coriander seeds into boiling water. Also adding some tulsi,curry leaves and rose petals in boiling water gives me good aromatic taste for my thirst. Drinking a glass daily stimulates my mind and keeps fresh and energetic.

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

Peeling of apple's and carrot skin before I gnaw with crunch is a must for me. Apple's have got great shine of coated wax . It's better to peel off before eating any fruits and veggies. Drinking coconut water instead of coffee and tea addicts me. 

Who says being healthy is difficult? πŸ˜‰

Spending money in hospital teaches us health is wealth,but wealth is money. It's funny that people chase wealth and forget about their health.

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Not Only a Pregnancy,Even a Caring Heart Defines a Mother

Vicks #TouchOfCare:

This ad is based on a true story. This ad has really given a powerful shot to my heart with strong bullets of messages about the bond between a mother and a daughter.

The Video starts with an alluring voice of the women narrator who has added more emotions to the advertisement.

A young girl traveling along with her adopted mother recalls her past life. The ad vibes us with twist showing a transgender mother providing all comfort  the girl aches for and leaves her in hostel to become her dream profession as a Doctor,but the girl immolates her mother's dream and decides to become a lawyer,to burn away the laws and bring equal rights for transgender in society.Not an usual love coverage of mother and daughter, it's beyond the moon and stars unity.

I loved so much about the adoption and the trans woman turning out be a super mom. The brand VICKS has brought out a super ad about the real shero Gauri Sawant and her adopted daughter Gayatri.

Let us respect transgender and stop staring our thorny eyes over them. Let them be what they are because they deserve their space along with us.

Hamam Fights Germs,She Fights for Her Safety

Hamam #GoSafeOutside:

A mother who wants her daughter to step out of her land as swashbuckling women to nip of all fears before it blooms inside her. Beautifully carved for young girls to learn defense skill to fight for safety. And, clearly adds up their scene to use Hamam soap to fight those germs. The background music “Achamillai Achamillai” which means 'No Fear' elevates the women's arms to knock out. 
Good move by Hamam Soap. Happy fighting with body and social germs around us.

I'm We are pregnant


The video starts,
A Husband safe keeps his wife with most love and care. Neglects his company offer to foreign and stands beside his pregnant wife. He steals women's heart by replying “It's not that you are pregnant,it's because we're pregnant. Every woman needs such a warm and tender husband to bring next phase of relationship between a husband and wife. 

When two waits for  three to bring four ever happiness in their life they need to hold on their 10 fingers to one hand to hold the newborn.
Support #WeArePregnant.

Google ogles us to feel new happiness

Google Duo #LetsDuoIt

Google blasts out new video call chat spreading Confetti's of happiness in our journey of life. Making a video call to our loved ones from distant lands increases our gleeful gland to pump more and more fizzy beats into our heart. This video brings out nostalgia, at once when you indulge yourself fully towards the ad. The  way of showing ‘how beautiful are family and friends in our life is appreciable. Kudos to the director and CEO Sundar Pichai.

Flipkart Slingshots Our Need


I loved the idea of bringing out kiddos out to act as men and women. Those kids have nailed their character bringing fun and coolness on their style. Big Billion Days are my favorite from flipkart where I fill up my carts with my pleasurable needs. Huge shout out for them on winning billions of shopholic hearts. Flipkart never allows my heart to flip to other sites. Keep addicting me through your creative ads team. 

Do share your favorite advertisement that gave a fresh oxygen to dope your lungs to exhale. 

One Small Step Can Cancel Cancer

We are born with empty hands and gonna die with the same empty hands. Ask yourself in between those biggest stage of your life How am I gonna make use of my hands?Ah! the power of mind controls it either to give away or to take away. We have a lifetime of earning and enjoying on so many stages and there is only one more.That's HELPING. No matter how much you earn, you have been shedding your tears and sweat to reach your position. You know the outcome you want. You know that you have successfully accomplished whatever you truly wanted in the past and this is no different. 

You can choose to think about what next step you need to take in order to move forward in your moment of life. We all need happiness in a copious quantity. Here is an opportunity to get your happiness in bags and stacks. Which remains very close to your collar to pull up with pride. Girls you can roll up your sleeves with pride. 

Just take a step forward with macropterous heart to build fund for 1000 children fighting for cancer. It's a selfless initiative by Rohan Bhansali,
an investment banker turned out to Entrepreneur and Co founder,Gozoop (India's largest Digital Marketing) to launch 1SmallStep4Cancer for poor.

"If you really want to be selfish,be selfless". This powerful magical sentence motivated him to start Emergency Fund for children to kick off cancer. Actor Imraan Hashmi has also joined his hand to support this initiative. Huge applause for him.

Let's join hands along with #1SmallStepforCancer to help poor children battling dreadful Cancer. Come on India let's glue together to help our mother India's children. Many poor family are aching for finance to save their budding children. Cancer medications are more expensive with soul destroying bill amounts from hospitals for both poor and middle class families. 

Let us weld together to show our power of humanity by dynamiting those viruses into pieces. Let our nation get freed from drastic disease and stand with new effervescence and zest.

To get happiness and peace of satisfaction of helping a child in modern busy life please donate to #1SmallStep4Cancer
Donate and share your happiness to your friends and families.

This post is written for bringing a noble cause of awareness and in appreciation 
of the organization #1SmallStep4Cancer. 

Warrior FireWomen

Fire on the mountain run,run,run

Everyone ran back yelling out in fear but she took altitude level of strength and lioness stamina to save lives inside the blazing heat. I'm feeling happy and proud to write about the shero PRIYA RAVICHANDRAN ,a woman firefighter from Tamilnadu. 

Many myths persist about a woman's physical strength to perform such kind of works. The reality is however is that most men can't do it either. Here lot of women have got their courageous shoes on to risk their life knowing that they are gonna miss and spend time away from friends and family. Possessing each day with mental character to wake up knowing that you have to risk your life. This job is selfless, with great skill and incredible sheroism. 

I would like to give a huge shout out and warm hug to PRIYA RAVICHANDRAN for marking her name in male dominated board and for kicking out those stereotype. She has made women proud becoming the first fire fighter in Tamilnadu.

PRIYA completed her bachelor's degree in corporate secretariatship in chennai and her masters ,M.Phil in sociology at jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. She completed her Divisional Officer course at National Fire Service College, Nagpur, with distinction and went training at Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh,England. She is not only few women in the force but first woman Divisional Officer of India. She got her job order just 10 days after her daughter was born. With the support of family and senior officers at training facility she was permitted to stay with her infant daughter. A young mother who withstood all tough physical training with patience towards her passion has made her officer in August 2003. Her first posting was in Coimbatore in 2004 where she underwent many operations including fire breakage in cotton mill lasted for 7 hours. A temple structure that collapsed badly trapping a constructors for over two hours. Another major incident that took place on Pongal one of the most celebrated festivals in Tamilnadu. A fire during the festival season in a heritage building was something that was unexpected on night Jan15 2012. Priya immediately rushed to the spot. She entered the burning building risking her life along with her few colleagues to save innocent lives. The ceiling collapsed on them,Priya managed to get out but receiving 50℅ of burns. The fire engulfed a brave fireman. One of the incidents of fire that Priya has dealt in her career.

She was the first women in her department to receive the Anna medal for Bravery 2012. 

President's Award for gallantry 2013 from Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

Femina Penn Sakthi Award 2013.

Award for Selfless Service in Search and Rescue Operation honoured by Chief Minister of Tamilnadu 2014.

A mother of two daughters and a caring wife,the Divisional Officer says "Women perform every task with utmost sincerity to fly with their own colors. More and more women must involve themselves to serve our nation and public. 

" Studies show women are biologically more likely to survive than men. Their haemoglobin level is generally low. Yet,they go about their day to day business. I will be happy to have women in my team," says Connaught Place fire station officer,Rajesh Shukla.

PRIYA RAVICHANDRAN is a terrible combatant who will motivate young aspirants to join the force. Let's rebuild and work by learning and hearing others motivation voice. It's just a tiny hole,let's drill deeper to a tunnel so that light travels. Let our future warriors give last breath of pure oxygen by planting saplings in our grave. 

Every women in the world is born with flaming fire in her heart. She knows when to burn down her hurdles,until then she trains up her mental strength to bang out firestorm shutting down the sun's blaze. That's why girls are super HOT every time. Don't dare to touch her. 

When a Greek pirate ship sails in to loot the wealth of the Cholas, it is brutally defeated by the navy and forced to pay a compensation. A payment that includes a twelve-year-old girl, Aremis. Check out this new historical novel Empire ( with a warrior woman, Aremis at the heart of the novel.

Life by the Window Seat

A seat by a window with winged heart,
The sun bleeding across the clouds,
Every ray penetrates to spread smile,
Above thousand miles neon red and blue colors,
Dark clouds bursting purity by coughing into my glass panes,
Hands outside to catch those needle drops,
My nose pressed to the glass
Eyelashes widened to take a perfect picture,
Legs crossed,books on my bubbly thigh,
Ears corked with music and lyrics,
Hair tangles each other to rush behind my ear,
Face aces to bring out new selfie expressions,
Absorbing and watching the people go by
Brings a party dance through my journey with warm&cool blow of air,
Just a seat with window,music&
My breath of serenity.
A seat by a window
So I can see beyond what I know
So I can grasp hope
So I can chance to witness something

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My Love to Almighty BeesπŸ’š

One evening being in a bad,very bad mood,
Wishing to hate my life as human being,
That sweet and Oh! so delicate creature,
Flew through my left side buzzing that                                green being,
Swirling around bloomed petals,
Rests on tiny pollens to straw sweetness,
It's tranquility upon leaves, stems
                              and buds,
Has stung my heart with it's innocence,
Hairy body,attentive eyes, humming wings, connecting love antennas,
So so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz around my garden,
All power to the small brown yellow striped  creature,
Huge respect to it's undeniable right to fly over this earth in peace and joy
as any of us could,
Even so arrogant two legged blundering                     creatures can't,
I have seen god in the form of bees,
But not in form of homo sapiens,
Bees are art of beauty,
Their works are beyond magnificent,
Anchored my heart with love.

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Learn English with Pathshala Funwala

Kanaga Amma walks with spatulas and brooms it's her strong weapons and a curse. Some believe that maids are poor and illiterate, lacks interest in learning, and not smart enough with grasping power. These opinions are not entirely correct, especially the outlook towards maids. Girls in rural areas are forced to work for wages or get married. Lack of awareness on the side of parents plays a game in her life. They believe girl's education is waste of time and money unlike the case of boys who are bound to bring prosperity to the family.  

Veena,daughter of Kanaga Amma little girl with bunch of talents and brave,studies in government Tamil medium school of class nine in my hometown. Her mother helps my mother in household chores. She cares me much with her unlimited love.Everyday after school Veena runs to my house to sign in a attendance with me. 

She fetches plastic bottles, cardboard during the weekend to earn some money of Rs.40 per kg. She writes her passion towards learning English language in English with lots of errors. She wants to become a orator by delivering  hard hitting topics like child labor,child marriage, brutality to rural women. Veena in turn also teaches younger children and encourages them to pursue education. Among the children she is a stunning role model who is fighting against all odds to leave behind her days of collecting thrashes. Yes,girls are constant in innovation and pushing bars higher. It's my purpose to inspire and help others in my life.
Let her march forward, to learn and build her vocabulary and fluency in English. As Malala,suggested the city's future depends on the education of youths.

I have suggested her Nihar Shanti Amla's Pathsala Funwalas toll free number 8055667788. The best and fun way to learn English easily with joy. I'm sure this medium is gonna serve her a ladder to reach every stair with passion and happiness.

Children like veena are rarely brought into limelight, and strives to highlight their talents. Thanks for Nihar Shanthi Amla Pathsala Funwala for initiating children and adults to learn English in better way in a jolly manner. I have done my part how about you? Hop in to help poor girls and boys around your society. Let's sculpt our future pillars by spreading awareness.

I'm blogging about Pathsala Funwala by Nihar Shanthi Amla Oil in association with Blogadda.

Toll free Number : 8055667788

No Paan, No Jaan breathes UP

CM Yogi Adithyanath government pumps oxygen in heaven instead of hospitals. Loss of more than 60 children in BRD medical college hospital is shameful and outrageous.

Heard the reason they serve for loses of future pillars of this country, it's because hospital hadn't paid its dues to the supplier. UP health minister Siddharth Nath Singh has said"Disruption of oxygen supply in a hospital is a criminal offense and it's case of negligence if the disruption leads to death,Eating paan during working hours by a doctor is fatal to health care."

After every flaws we insert a new laws in our society. India faces such sadistic incidents every time but it never remains first nor will it be the last. 

Will government raise up to fix the health care system for poor people? Will humanity stay with hospitals and gas suppliers? Does suspension of principal and staffs bring back those tender lives back?Will media help viewers to know the reality around? Will the truth behind tragedy come out? What is the condition of parents who lost their children? Will the political parties stop debating,

bragging about their system of ruling of their past and present? Does all my questions receive a reply or it just remains a haunting question to Indians? I'm sure everyone is gonna forgot this incident until next incident jumps out to heartburn. 

Cries of those 60 Children echoes in                        four directions as rain 

We thunder, to secure our troubled                                   country,
We thunder, to do right inspite of                                    yesterday's wrong,
We thunder, to wake up and to be heard,
We thunder,to remain about your birth                     to protect and serve.
We thunder, to set aside our difference in a non partition way,
We thunder,to set aside politics and lend your ears for our personal feeling. 

Feeling Proud to be an Indian

Filling INDIAN in the column of Nationality in every verification form erects my nerves, fastens my blood and brings goosebumps. I love my country.India is a land of temples. Our tradition and culture makes every citizen an ultimate wellbeing. Indians set an example to other countries showing powerful message of unity and respect to each other. Youngsters are ferocious and delightful in developing our country and evolution of our cultures. 

Two Best things I love in my land:


Men in olive green with courage, outstanding power, devotion towards their duty,unmindful of heat waves,
cold winds makes my head bow to their feet. Many brave heroes sacrificed their lives for us. I have witnessed their wives and children situations, which cannot be explained through words. At least, let's take a moment and remember those gallant hearts towards our country's tranquility.


India has got dynamic women in every nook and corner of the city.
Their passion for work, fearless ideas and solutions, generating power to start ups, run successful ventures, holds her family as stigma holds the petals united,with fragrance of happiness and never forgets to bloom everyday in her own garden. 

Women who are freemales and single has got determination to face life's challenges. Majority of Indian women still struggle in the hands of their husbands and in laws. On the other side harassments and violence against her happens.It is not just a piece of information to make us worry of their living; it's a lesson and motivation to celebrate women for their unflappable spirit. 

Physically you could try to push her down but mentally she is a warrior to arise and survives her dreams. 

My triumphant salute to all Indian Women. 

Our country runs with wheels of Military heroes and Wonder women to reach the state of Developed country. 

Happy Independence Day!! 

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If we were having Coffee

Winter has arrived in a dribbling fall of iciness. But my love for you is constant. I quench my taste buds with you. I call you as "The Love Slush".

They advised and hided you from me for falling in love with your dashing bubbling froths. I became psyche without you. I broke all vertical and horizontal hurdles on our way and teared away prescriptions to get closer with you. You're exotic and relishing. Can't you know how I route you even from far away distance? 

I urge to hold you around my cold palms. Do you remember how we both get together? You were mine, no escaping either way. We kissed each other your bitter sweetness and aroma stimulated me to sip every mouth that lingers progressively with a lavish finish.

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Interview With Celeb BloggerπŸ‘©

It's time for an interview! I love interviewing Celebrity Bloggers because it gives a chance to learn and aspire. Here I have interviewed one such blogger whom I have got impressed upon her Words,Style,
Courage,Writing and Intellect.

About the Celeb Blogger:

She is an Interior Designer,
Photographer, travel freak, a blogger
and a mad hoarder of stationary and butterflies more than that she has got mammoth sized crush on SRK. She is none other than 
A Huge Shout Out to πŸ“£
                🌿 SHALINI BAISIWALA πŸŒΏ

Who blogs on Her journey for blogging begun with letter writing hobby as a kid and now a serious blogger. She loves to read fantasy fiction. A day dreamer who loves to sip a good wine to add flavors and essence to her strong goals.

She has taken time off her busy schedule to answer my quirky questions to engage in conversation with me. 

As a token of gratitude, I would like to bundle up my thankfulness for her patience and love. Thank you SHALZ.

QN: 1)What would be your autobiography               called?                                    

 Shalzmojo came about from two things - Peeps fondly  call me Shalz and I love to do my thing (mojo - J is pronounced as H) Mojo means influence or magic power and I believe my mojo lets me live my life to the fullest!!

QN: About you in 5 Bollywood movie                     titles?

SHALINI:  1. Kal ho na ho - I believe in live and let live for we dont know what tomorrow holds for us
     2. Lamhe - I daydream of being in love with someone (very) mature and self possessed like the protagonist in this story
     3. Tamasha - I believe it could have been the story of my life till the creative me emerged and was allowed to blossom
      ( Sorry, cant think of anymore......)

QN: Describe women in 3 sentences? 

SHALINI: Women take tasks/work/chores very seriously and give it all of their heart and honesty.  They are compassionate beings, easy to forgive and make up and move on. Their never-say-die spirit also shows the immense resilience to face anything and everything with a lot of gumption.

QN: Given chance to play for Indian             Olympics. Which game would you            choose?

SHALINI:  Scrabble but dont think                                    thats yet a part of the                                               Olympics ;-)

QN:  What would your pet say about               you asked for a reference?

SHALINI: Control freak human who is                            anal about cleanliness but loves                   me to death, unconditionally!

QN: Recent funniest incident that                 made you laugh out loud?

SHALINI: Its not recent, but a persistent question that I hear most often and it always makes me laugh! 
"You live alone? Dont you feel scared?"
I just cant understand the shock that peeps (men & women, alike) express to hear this. Maybe I am being insensitive but living alone has nothing to do with feeling scared - its not a  horror movie or unpleasant circumstances all day, everyday. 

QN: What do you love and hate during travel?

SHALINI: Love the new places, people and exploring local cuisine! Best is to stay with a local family and then eat with them while exchanging tid bits of their daily life, recommendations for things to do and eat.....Hate it when I have pesky people peppering me to buy something or take a service- whether I want it or not. Like the infamous dilli ke autowallahs who buzz around the  exiting passengers, engulfing them in noxious Body odour and endless badgering!

QN: Recommend new food and places that one should enjoy before saying goodbye to this world?

SHALINI:  I dont know about new food but amongst the existing ones I feel peeps must enjoy Malabari cuisine once in their life. Travel - its a huge world out there but I feel Hampi in one incredible place to visit. Its got some of the most exquisite architecture and remains, atleast in India, that are steeped in history and beauty!

QN: Asked to invent appliances for women.What would you invent and why?

SHALINI:  I think women need a big boost of confidence in their day to day life and I would love to see an app/gadget that just injects a shot of it in them when they need it the most. Kinda like the Felix Felicis in Harry Potter.....

QN: Finally, how was my interview??

SHALINI: I dont think I have ever been interviewed like this and some of these questions really made me think hard to come up with interesting but honest answers. Very creative questions Shraesta and I hope I could do them justice. I am extrememly flattered to be invited for this. Thank you for the opportunity!

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A Letter to Pesticide Distributors and professional Pesticide Users

Dear Pesters,
                   Hope you are healthy. This letter is my friendly and pleasant request of voice on behalf of humankind. We intake your laborious reproduction of fruits and veggies. As the toad engulfs nestling birds those chemicals swallow up our toddlers and young growing up children health. Every time I step into supermarkets fluster flatters me inside with a dilemma of "Organic or Non Organic" Today, my head turns over to see lots of packets labelled as organic products for consumers but I doubt myself asking am I going to trap in a tight corner. We are born to run,fall,sweat,shed blood, fail, not to fill our pocket with money but to install our tummy with salubrious food. Let's make India green peace nation with health and prosperity.

I hope you lend your ears to our cry.
Let's bring back our nation's backbone with upright of our pest free farmers and vendors.

                                 Yours Organically,

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6