Wednesday, 21 December 2016

                                         THE DEATH OF MAYA

On the morning of July 22, an old man with his wife complained to manager
of hotel that "When he turned the tap on water was coming black for two 
seconds and then back to its normal."Also he mentioned that water tasted horrible
from his check in day to now."We thought it was just the way used
to be here but today "It was disgusting and nauseating taste".The
manager immediately apologized for discomforting  elderly people.
A hotel employee and scavenger climbed to roof of hotel's water tank to 
find out what has made water impure.But they collapsed after seeing decomposed body of MAYA.Her parents have already complained police about  MAYA who is not back from college for past three days.Her last phone call was with her mother saying that she will be late tonight as she is attending her friend Dhanya's birthday party.After her autopsy her death was reported as murder.After hearing traumatic news her parents couldn't breathe they cried emotionally.Police investigated victim parents regarding her death.Maya's father
with starving pain told "that two days back her friend Manish committed suicide drinking poison.He also attended birthday party with my daughter.I saw photo on his Facebook page the day before his death. I personally went to him to enquire about my daughter but he was trembling to face me.On same day he committed suicide."Maya's mother remembered her daughter's complaint to her about Manish pestering Maya to love and she ignored it.Finally,Postmortem examination of Maya reported that she was given poisoned juice also she suffered from cuts and slashes with knife brutally thrown into water tank.
                This story reveals about the present situation of our country which
                  trends on murdering girls who believes friendship with guys.


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