Tables arranged, exam bell rang
   My benchmate took out bit papers 
        Teacher's glance fell on me 
            The Fault in our Stares
  Everyone rejected her for burnt face
   From nowhere he came to tie knot
              The Fault in our Stares
     Little girl spent vacation at uncle's                 home,instead he harassed 
            The Fault in our Stares
      She wore saree,she wore skirt
   His eyes tempted to stare her body
            The Fault in our Stares
  Stumbled to choose the rest room as          god gifted her to be transgender
             The Fault in our Stares
   When men bleeds at war,he is brave
   When women bleeds every month,
                       she is impure
              The Fault in our Stares
         Bargaining at malls makes us 
     But bargaining with street vendors   makes us feel proud of saving money
                The fault in our Stares

I'm writing this for Barathon Day1 
Prompt "The Fault In Our Stares" by


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