Not Only a Pregnancy,Even a Caring Heart Defines a Mother

Vicks #TouchOfCare:

This ad is based on a true story. This ad has really given a powerful shot to my heart with strong bullets of messages about the bond between a mother and a daughter.

The Video starts with an alluring voice of the women narrator who has added more emotions to the advertisement.

A young girl traveling along with her adopted mother recalls her past life. The ad vibes us with twist showing a transgender mother providing all comfort  the girl aches for and leaves her in hostel to become her dream profession as a Doctor,but the girl immolates her mother's dream and decides to become a lawyer,to burn away the laws and bring equal rights for transgender in society.Not an usual love coverage of mother and daughter, it's beyond the moon and stars unity.

I loved so much about the adoption and the trans woman turning out be a super mom. The brand VICKS has brought out a super ad about the real shero Gauri Sawant and her adopted daughter Gayatri.

Let us respect transgender and stop staring our thorny eyes over them. Let them be what they are because they deserve their space along with us.

Hamam Fights Germs,She Fights for Her Safety

Hamam #GoSafeOutside:

A mother who wants her daughter to step out of her land as swashbuckling women to nip of all fears before it blooms inside her. Beautifully carved for young girls to learn defense skill to fight for safety. And, clearly adds up their scene to use Hamam soap to fight those germs. The background music “Achamillai Achamillai” which means 'No Fear' elevates the women's arms to knock out. 
Good move by Hamam Soap. Happy fighting with body and social germs around us.

I'm We are pregnant


The video starts,
A Husband safe keeps his wife with most love and care. Neglects his company offer to foreign and stands beside his pregnant wife. He steals women's heart by replying “It's not that you are pregnant,it's because we're pregnant. Every woman needs such a warm and tender husband to bring next phase of relationship between a husband and wife. 

When two waits for  three to bring four ever happiness in their life they need to hold on their 10 fingers to one hand to hold the newborn.
Support #WeArePregnant.

Google ogles us to feel new happiness

Google Duo #LetsDuoIt

Google blasts out new video call chat spreading Confetti's of happiness in our journey of life. Making a video call to our loved ones from distant lands increases our gleeful gland to pump more and more fizzy beats into our heart. This video brings out nostalgia, at once when you indulge yourself fully towards the ad. The  way of showing ‘how beautiful are family and friends in our life is appreciable. Kudos to the director and CEO Sundar Pichai.

Flipkart Slingshots Our Need


I loved the idea of bringing out kiddos out to act as men and women. Those kids have nailed their character bringing fun and coolness on their style. Big Billion Days are my favorite from flipkart where I fill up my carts with my pleasurable needs. Huge shout out for them on winning billions of shopholic hearts. Flipkart never allows my heart to flip to other sites. Keep addicting me through your creative ads team. 

Do share your favorite advertisement that gave a fresh oxygen to dope your lungs to exhale. 


  1. I don’t skills ought to I provide you with thanks! i'm altogether shocked by your article. You saved my time. Thanks 1,000,000 for sharing this text.

  2. Being a marketing professional, I love good marketing campaigns, especially the one's that say a lot more than just selling a product. Loved your selection of them. I really loved the vicks one too. :)